Nicholas on Guitar


Lessons with Nicholas Booker are available to everyone, and all age groups and experience levels are welcome. Nicholas teaches with the Fort Morgan School for the Performing Arts and at his home in Brush, but also provides house calls (with a very small rate increase). You are welcome to bring payment to each lesson or to pay at the beginning of the month, but your first lesson is free! Please E-mail

Why music? Music is an essential part of all our lives, whether we realize it or not. From concert halls to supermarkets, we hear music almost constantly in the modern day, which is appropriate since our ancestors have been making music since just about the birth of humanity. Music can also help train our minds to learn and find answers in new ways. Students from kindergarten to university find that music lessons help them succeed in their studies in ways that no other endeavor can.

Why Nicholas Booker? Nicholas stands out among teachers in the state of Colorado as a unique combination of talented performer and dedicated teacher. He creates an engaging and fun environment in lessons which encourages students of any ability and commitment level to allow music to change their lives in a myriad of ways. Other flute teachers are often either excellent or fun, but Nicholas Booker is both!

Sign up for a free first lesson today, and find out for yourself how studying flute with Nicholas Booker can create music that changes lives!

If you prefer, instead of paying for lessons by cash or check, you may also pay for your lessons online by following this link.